Hello there! Here’s a lil bit about me:

Hi y'all.
I'm Lauren.


I'm an art director/designer/creative human based in Atlanta, GA. Most days, I can be found creating happy designs (or planning fun events for the ATL creative community!) alongside the magnificent humans of Rhyme & Reason Design.

I specialize in creating logo/identity systems for nice people who want to add a little more sparkle to their brand. Though I love a good branding project, I also enjoy dabbling in other design realms – from illustration to lettering, I like to mix it up and keep things interesting. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe in being bored, and I am always striving to learn and/or try new things. 

Want to chat? Perfect, I love making new friends. Feel free to send me a note at hello@laurencastro.com to connect. If you're in the Atlanta area, let's meet IRL and grab a coffee. ✨

Things that  make me happy: 
Traveling to new places
Human behavior (ENFJ!)
Petting animals
Listenin’ to podcasts
College football
Cooking yummy things
Puns & dad jokes
Sippin’ wine with my buds
Spontaneous dance parties
All things gold

Currently Reading:
Creativity, Inc.
by Ed Catmull

Digging right now: 
Barre3 & Peloton at-home workouts
Unlocking Us podcast 
Folklore + Evermore albums
Onyx coffee bean lattes
Bridgerton on Netflix

© Lauren Castro 2021
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