SigEp 2017
Grand Chapter Conclave –


branding, print

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Grand Chapter Conclave is the venue for important fraternal business, including educational sessions, individual and chapter awards and the election of the fraternity leadership. 

The fraternity already had a powerful “Heroes” theme for their 55th Grand Chapter Conclave, but needed to bring the theme to life through the brand and supporting materials. SigEp wanted the theme that preserved its history while simultaneously leading the way into the future. A simple “SigEp Heroes” logo allowed attendees to create their own definition of what it means to be a hero rather than dictating what it means, and a supporting grid pattern incorporated the fraternity brand and important conclave information. This grid was used throughout all conclave materials to create a cohesive conference appearance, seen on supporting design materials including banners, signage, programs, and centerpieces.

© Lauren Castro 2020
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