The Watson


art director & lead designer

brand identity, print, pattern design

The Watson is an affordable apartment community located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Named for Thomas A. Watson, an assistant to Alexander Graham Bell and, most notably, the recipient of the first phone call, it has a proud namesake to live up to and an entrepreneurial spirit to feed. Watson was also the founder of the Fore River Ship and Engine Building Company which is located across the street from the new luxury living community.

Much like its namesake, the newly-constructed apartment buildings are more than a location to hang a hat. The Watson offers open spaces for big ideas, nooks for creative contemplation and an overarching spirit for invention; or for some re-invention. Taking into account Thomas Augustus Watson and the history of the community as the location of the Fore River Shipyard’s administrative offices, the new brand must tell a story that weaves historical touches with future accomplishments, showing that entrepreneurism isn’t a new concept—it’s something that has driven the area for decades and will continue to for decades to come.

All work © Lauren Castro unless otherwise noted.